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Better Practice Management

Online appointments and electronic medical records (EMRs) means streamlined practice management.

Centralized Medical Reports

All your prescriptions and medical reports are in one place.

Increased Profits

Practice management in cloud helps increase profits by lowering the running cost, increasing patient volume and creating online presence.

More Patients

Easier practice management means more patients per day.

Qualified Doctors

All the doctors on the platform are personally verified.

Satisfied Patients

Medariya streamlines the process of medical care by connecting patients with qualified doctors and managing their appointments and medical records.

Time management is easy

Digital appointments

Easily book and maintain all your patient apppointments

Time management

Manage your calendar and appointments from anywhere and get reminders for important events

Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) in cloud - safe, secure and accessible from anywhere

Centralize Medical Records - Medical History - Whenever, Wherever

Get your patient's medical history and provide personal touch to your consultation. Share diagnosis with your patients seemlessly.


"Having the entire medical history of a patient readily available at one place increased my efficiency by helping to resolve cases swiftly and more accurately."
Dr Varun Chauhan

"Medariya helped me focus on my patients. My patients are more satisfied and come back more often."
Dr Achal Mittal

"All my patient appointments are on Medariya and I know exactly how my day is going to look like."
Dr Vishal Mishra

About us

Pawan Garg

Co Founder

A Purdue University graduate with operations background.

Purdue University

Anupam Jindal

Co Founder

Holds MBA from University of California, Berkeley and has his hands around all the nitty gritties of the product.

Chandraveer Singh

Co Founder

A UIUC graduate and a long term Microsoft coder making the tech team more formidable.

Aashish Kumar

Co Founder

An OSU graduate and a coder to core having worked with many startups, now starting his own endeavour.